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Welcome to the Spatafore

Spatafore - Spadafore - Spadafora

While she may not look very happy in this photograph, Anglea was enjoying being with her brother, John.  She and John had not seen each other for over 40 years. 

This is the family of Anthony and Sarah Spadafora who lived in San Giovanni in Fiore, Italy.  We know of three children who came to the USA in the early 1900s.  Each child and their family has their own page on this site.

Louis (Luigi) Spadafora came to the USA with his brother in law, Antonio Lopetrone (Anthony Petrone) in 1893.  Antonio's wife, Angela Maria Spadafora came to the USA in 1898.  Younger brother, John (Giovanni Spadafora) came to the USA in 1900.

Angela Maria and her family came to Archbald, PA.  Louis and John moved to West Virginia.  John ended up in Detroit, MI.

It seems that Angela Maria also had a younger sister who might have been born around 1873 or so.  This sister married a Salvatore Lopez.

What's in a Name!

It's been spelled so many ways here in the USA... Spatafore, Spadafore, Spatafora... but the the family name is spelled Spadafora.  Our family came from San Giovanni in Fiore, Italy.  

Other surnames that are related to us are:  Police (Polise), Lopez, Biafora, DeMarco, and of course, Lopetrone (Petrone).  All of my family comes from San Giovanni in Fiore, Italy. 


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